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Tattoo Care Info

You have just received a new tattoo. Here is how to take care of it.

Remove your bandage in about 2 hours and wash the tattoo with warm soapy water.

Gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

You should then start with applying a moisturizing hand cream.

Something with no perfumes dyes or and other additives.

Examples: Aquaphor, Tattoo GOO, Curel, Lubriderm, ...or any generic equivalent.

If one particular brand burns when applied wash it off and try another.

Several THIN applications of the lotion throughout the day are advised.

This should be done for the entire healing process. This often takes 10-14 days.

As it heals it may peel like sun burn, sometimes a scab may appear.

This is not uncommon.

Leave them alone. Attempting to remove the scab may result in some loss of color in the tattoo.

The tattoo is IN you, not ON you.

So until that layer of skin grows back the tattoo is fragile.

Avoid soaking the new tattoo in pools, hot tubs, etc. (shower as normal).

Also avoid suntanning and saunas with a new tattoo.

If you have any questions call us. We are glad to help.


Piercing Care Info

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